New Shutterfly Photo Books for Christmas and Baby

We’re excited to announce that our newest photo book for Shutterfly is live and online now!  The theme is called Glad Tidings.  It’s an elegant and sophisticated background for Christmas family photos with a rich color palette and large selection of words and embellishments inspired by the Christmas story.  Here are just a few examples of interior pages that you could make online with this group:

Designing a photo book with Shutterfly’s custom path is just like putting together a scrapbook with pages and photos and stickers, with a very sleek end product!  For example, with Glad Tidings, you can choose from these patterned background pages and add embellishments, words, and pattern bands to design your own custom layouts. Or, if you prefer (or are bumping up against a gifting deadline), you can upload your photos from a folder and autofill the pages with layouts that have already been designed by us (to work in any combination)!

Above is an example of our system for making sure all the embellishments can work on any background.  It’s fun to see all the different design possibilities with a click of the mouse!

Glad Tidings is our fourth custom path book for Shutterfly.  To see our other three baby-themed groups, you can select “Our Top Picks” or “Baby” in the Occasions panel of the Custom Path Style Store.

Happy scrapbooking in the digital age!


  1. Delphine Cubitt December 10, 2012

    Wow! What a beautiful book! I would love one of these with photos of my family Christmas! What a lovely present it would make! Well done! It’s gorgeous! :-)….Happy Christmas you Guys! xx

  2. Cathy Heck December 10, 2012

    Happy Christmas back atcha across the sea Delphine! We think of you often and can’t wait to see you again at Surtex 2013!

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