A Bubble Full of Easter Eggs


Just in case you are trying to think of a new way to display your Easter eggs this year, how about this? Our family has been making these Ukrainian-Art-Craft-Whatever eggs for years, so they have added up and we can’t bring ourselves to toss a single one.

This year, when I started to put them in their display tray, Neville, our beloved pup, looked at them with a canine kind of longing. In dog thoughts: “Yum, Easter treats … just for me … you are the best mom!” I instantly procured a different display vessel, which would require opposable thumbs to access the pretty loot. And, it looks great on the coffee table.

Although we love the new look for our Easter tablescape, we actually miss the tray treatment, because it allowed us the ability to touch and turn the eggs more easily, but Neville also would have liked the ability to touch and turn the eggs … and chew and swallow the eggs. So, the egg bubble it is.  (Here’s a photo of Neville observing our jewels before they were whisked away and placed inside the magic dog-proof globe. Sorry, Nevs!) CathyHeckStudio_BubbleOfEggs2


  1. Muv March 22, 2013

    Amazing! I look at those eggs and see beauty and creativity, and lots and lots of hours!

  2. Doug Rucker March 23, 2013

    These are the coolest and most intricately designed eggs I have ever seen. Beautiful work. Can I have a dozen?

  3. Author
    Cathy Heck March 23, 2013

    :-) You will be able to make your own creative dozen after our next How-To post! I’m seeing some excellent copywritten eggs! Cath

  4. Anonymous May 13, 2013

    Where can I buy the bunny rabbit pillows?

  5. Ellen Heck May 13, 2013

    The bunny rabbit pillows were sold through Pottery Barn, but unfortunately are now sold out for 2013. I have heard, though, that there is likely to be a reprint for the Spring 2014 collection. Hope that helps! Thank you for your inquiry.

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