When Artists Are Sketching For Fun

If you are like we are, you love to see the sketches that artists make just for fun.

The folks at C.R. Gibson enjoy seeing their artists’ week-end work, too, and have posted many wonderful examples on their Instagram pages and blog.  AND, they just happen to make some excellent journals under their Markings brand for all that mark-making. The pages are smooth and heavy and ready for anything from drawings to poetry to grocery lists. (Well, maybe not a grocery list–the back of an envelope is probably a thriftier choice for that.)

Since Ellen and I work on projects together under tight deadlines, we decided to make some drawings together without a deadline. Here is a link to our mother-artist-daughter-artist sketching-from-afar journal pages.


P.S. We know that sometimes a beautiful, clean, empty journal can be a bit intimidating. But here‘s a little trick: Don’t start on the first page. Go straight to the middle somewhere. Oddly, it works!

Hope this inspires you to start sketching … or, maybe to eat your veggies.


  1. Doug Rucker September 17, 2013

    You people at Cathy Heck Studio continue to amaze me with your sense of the fantastic and your thoughtful, beautiful designs. Sharing a sketch book is such an intimate way to collaborate and keep consistency in your studio’s work.

  2. Author
    Cathy Heck September 22, 2013

    Well, gosh, thanks. You have inspired us to pull those sketchbooks out immediately.

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