Goodbye Summer 2013 and a Tribute to the Star of the Garden


Another segment from a fledgling gardener, who grew up in West Texas, land of high skies and little foliage.

After a very hot, dry summer here in Austin, it finally rained … real rain. There were only a couple of short summer showers, but even those seemed to stop about two blocks away from our yard. We could smell it. We could see it. But it did not fall on our flora. However, Friday, the last day of summer, it was wet and gray and delicious for our thirsty plants. They were content.


But before we leave the wonderful, yet dry summertime, for what has already started as a clear crisp autumn, I would like to honor a plant that has been faithful, loyal and true, through thick and thin, hot and hotter. Behold the bold and beautiful Pride of Barbados.

Our hearty Prides were proud. No matter how hot … 102 … 103 … 105, they stood taller and brighter.  They were tough.  They were not sissies.  In fact, you might even say they were show-offs.  Even while the native perennials were lackluster and pitiful, the Pride of Barbadoses were summertime studs.  They were like the popular lifeguards of the garden, and, in fact, drew lots of butterfly beauties to their stand.



So we would like to raise our last glasses of summer punch to honor the Best In Show of Summer 2013. Here’s to the dazzling Pride of Barbados. We are so proud.

And, if you would like this living firecracker to grow in your dry yard, here are some instructions from your trusty Bewildered Gardener: buy it, plant it, ignore it. Good luck! And, happy autumn! CathyHeckStudio_PrideOfBarbados4




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