A Must-Read for Aspiring Artists by Ronnie Walter

If you ever dreamed of walking into a shop and seeing your artwork on a card, cap or candle, but didn’t know where to begin, this is the book for you! My friend, Ronnie Walter, has written an excellent “how-to” or sometimes “how-not-to” book that will inspire you to just do it. Ronnie is an artist and writer and has been successfully licensing her work for 20+ years.

Ronnie gives you plenty of textbook-worthy licensing tips, but, happily, they are all wrapped up with her funny life story. She reveals the tips and tricks she has learned through the years, and since I was learning through the same years, I just nodded my head, “yes, yes, and yes,” as I pored over the pages. (That’s my official endorsement.)

And, did I mention that I show up on page 37? Well, it’s just for an instant at the 1996 Licensing Show. But, I feel certain it was a pivotal moment in Ronnie’s journey to licensing success … even though we were both a little confused at the time as we tried to understand the licensability of the new property, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I mean, really, will people buy into that? (Lesson learned: yes they will.)

So, get yourself over to your Amazon screen-store and buy the paperback or download the kindle version of Ronnie’s book, curl up with your beverage of choice … and your chocolate of choice … and prepare to be inspired. (P.S. You might keep a pencil nearby for sudden bursts of creativity.)



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