A Garden Flower Faux Pas Corrected


Another segment from a fledgling gardener, who grew up in West Texas, land of high skies and little foliage.

Our apologies. After bragging so much about our amazing Pride of Barbados in the last blog post, our beautiful Plumbago’s feelings were a little bit hurt.  What were we thinking?  She bloomed every bit as proudly as our Pride, but her flowers were soft and blue and delicate.  I guess she just didn’t yell as loudly as Mr. Showoff.  So, today, we officially honor our dear Plumbago with the title, Miss Congeniality 2013.  She greeted every day with a smile during the hot summer drought, with nary a drop of perspiration.  And, she reminded us of Sandra Bullock’s Miss Congeniality, because she occasionally displayed her strong side and was a little rude to flower-eating deer, which is the reason she was able to wear such a beautiful frock this summer.



Plumbagos remind me a little bit of hydrangeas, which are so difficult to grow on our limestone hill. So I like to think of our plumbago as a tough (yet pretty) Texas cowgirl version of a hydrangea. If she could talk, she might say, “It’s hotter than a two-dollar pistol out here, and the poor little tulips are just coyote ugly today, bless their hearts.”

Dearest Plumbago, we hope you will continue to bloom and know that we are so proud of you! (Photos below: Neville, showing his Plumbago pride, and a close-up of our summer superstar.)




  1. Shari October 9, 2013

    Don’t tell Neville that I could see him masquerading as a plumbago!

  2. Ronnie October 10, 2013

    I thought plumbago was that pain I get in my giddy-up. I was using that word wrong all these years!

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