Empty Nester Confession: I Dressed Up Our Dog … Again

It’s Halloween and all of our girls are now in college or beyond, and I have no one to dress up. There was a day when I feverishly created clever–yet fast costumes … all, without sewing skills. But, now, I can actually sew. Just think of the masterpieces I could have created for my girls if I had learned to sew earlier. I am almost certain that my costumes would have made it into this video, Halloween Tribute From Awkward Family Photos.

But, alas, this year, the only ‘person’ in the house who needs a quick and clever Halloween ensemble is … Neville, our dog.


Above is a mock-up of the costume that Neville requested. Of course, he chose the most popular costume of the year: What Does the Fox Say? from this viral video by Ylvis, and I knew we would never find one in his size. Plus, all of my sewing time last week was dedicated to Quilt Market samples. So, poor Neville was out of luck, and had to choose a repurposed headpiece from our “hats and headresses” box.

Which is your favorite look for our fella? 1) N’awlins Neville, 2) Heavy Metal Fella, 3) Peter Panville, 4) Spider-Nevs, 5) The Cat In the Hat Dog, 6) Professor Neville McMutt.

I think I will have to vote for the professor look … it seems to bring out his inherent intellectual giftedness.




Happy Halloween everybody and enjoy dressing your little ones, because before you can say, “boo,” they will be dressing themselves for a college Halloween party (now that really is scary!)

Have a fun and safe night of trick-or-treating! From Cathy and Neville, reporting to you from the Heck family emergency costume closet.



  1. Sharyn Sowell October 31, 2013

    Gotta be the professor! Maybe a tie to go with it. Too bad he can’t carry a briefcase…

  2. Doug Rucker October 31, 2013

    Neville is such a willing participant for Halloween. My dogs pull off anything and everything we have ever tried to dress them in.

  3. muv October 31, 2013

    Nev would enjoy Mardi Gras..maybe you better save that one!

  4. Lulu October 31, 2013

    Neville is such a stud…

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