The not-quite-so-blank slate

I just ran across this sweet sketchbook collaboration between a mother and her four-year-old daughter.  The story is adorable, and the shared sketches fresh and fun – the magical fruit of a multi-generational partnership.


I loved reading this because Cathy (my mom) and I (and now Julianna) get to do this every day – and it’s just as much fun after three decades!  While there is nothing more pure than the line-quality of a four-year-old, it’s also extremely satisfying to see the sleek and type-rich website your graphic-designer little sister made for the family business.  :)  Can you tell what we’ve been working on these days? (Coming soon.)

Here was a recent collaborative sketchbook Cathy and I did for C.R. Gibson’s Markings Journals series.  It was a fun project, and we think a lot of our artist friends from Surtex might be starting some more shared journals in the near future.  We can’t wait to see them!


Here’s another of my favorites from Mica Angela Hendricks and her daughter, Myla (I love the little toes on the prancing dino):



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  1. Doug Rucker November 22, 2013

    I love your friend’s work.

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