SURTEX 2014: Part 1, Stitching Up A Booth


Ahhh SURTEX. Our booth this year involved a little stitching. In a big way. We decided to feature our new hand-made eco-hip Made With Love collection, and, as you can see, the walls were covered with giant embroidered characters. And, no, we did not actually sew directly to the 8-foot panels (thanks for asking) … but many visitors wondered, and asked to touch the walls–just to make sure. We felt proud … like the peacock behind us.

So, how did we achieve the booth seen in the photo above? Well, as you might guess, a heck of a lot of stitching. (Please forgive the pun about our own name.)

First, we stitched the pre-show marketing.


Then we stitched the wall panels.

CathyHeckStudio_SurtexRecap3 CathyHeckStudio_SurtexRecap4  

Then we stitched giant ABC blocks to hold our samples, and flags to adorn our flowers, and an owl that said, “What?” We even stitched the logo for our sign. (And, yes, you are correct. It is possible that we were, perhaps, in need of a bit of intervention.)


I can now report, however, that although our usual mediums are paint, pencil and pixels, we loved drawing with thread. And, we could tell that our Surtex visitors could feel the love.


For example, above is an enthusiastic art director who loves our work. Okay, I admit it. Since we rarely have a chance to take a picture when we are meeting with clients, this is actually a pretend enthusiastic buyer, played by Ming Platt, fellow artist and friend. But, we think she did an excellent job portraying the typical exhuberance felt by those viewing our portfolios.


And, then suddenly, like our owl, we were saying, “What?”

Surtex was over. It had come and gone. It was time to move out of our embroidered home-away-from-home and get back to our drawing tables … and sewing chairs. Now the real work will begin–developing favorite collections for our clients, old and new. And after that, we are lucky enough to enjoy knowing that we have created artwork for someone somewhere who will find the sweetest baby book, or the cutest fabric, or the perfect card to give to someone he or she loves. That’s the best part of all.




  1. Louisa May 30, 2014

    Everything in the booth looks amazing! Next time I am determined to come over and help pack you up beforehand, so I can get a first-hand look. Incredible Hecks!

    xxoo Lulu

  2. Kim May 30, 2014

    It was wonderful booth Cathy .You always some up with something remarkable!

  3. We know what it’s like to set up and tend to a show booth. It is so great you have a talented family to be part of the project.
    Much love, M.& D. at Elkins Lake.

  4. Patti Gay May 31, 2014

    Your innovative booth designs are such a delight. What an incredibly talented and creative family!

  5. Susan January June 2, 2014

    I would have happily played the role of real life enthusiastic art buyer! The booth was fantastic, and I loved visiting with your family, as always!

  6. Author
    Cathy Heck June 3, 2014

    Thank you everyone … and Susan, you are hired! Next year we have you scheduled as the enthusiastic … and glamorous spokesmodel for Cathy Heck Studio!

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