Uppercase: The Color Issue

It’s Uppercase time! We love this magazine. It is one of our favorite flavors of eye candy. Not only does a stack of Uppercase make an excellent tablescape for a studio, but the content inside is delicious.


And this month’s issue, Number 22 is all about COLOR. (As you might guess, I love color almost as much as bacon.)

Below is the excellent cover by Shelley Davies, enticing all artists, and you know you are one, to open the magazine and take a trip down rainbow road.



And, we are delighted that one little stop you might make along the way is an article with my answer to the question sent out to artists, “What Does Colour Mean To You?”

Here is a taste of our studio color from Uppercase:





There are so many more wonderful contributions from other artists in this volume of color. In fact, this special issue is organized by spectrum. Here’s a great little video illustrating the creation of the issue. So, if you are radical about red or obsessed with orange or loyal to lavender, Issue #22 is for you. You can subscribe for your quarterly dose of inspiration here.

And, while you are waiting for your candy to arrive, you might want to pull out your own color medium of choice and make some art. By the way, we consider raspberries and chocolate perfectly suitable art mediums for summertime masterpieces.

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  1. Shari July 11, 2014

    Can’t wait to see what you do with your color blotters! i am sure it will be lovely.

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