Mr. E. Bunny’s California Studio

Every year about this time, we try to find a day (or two) to pull out the dyes and wax and make a few sort-of-Ukranian eggs to add to our stash. This year, that day happened when two of the Heck sisters were together in the California studio. Fortunately, they took a few pictures so that the Texas office could see them in the making.


The Easter elves were so focused on their work that they didn’t take a lot of in-progress photos, but here are a couple that Ellen took of Margaret during the early stages of egg-shell magic. (Can’t you just smell the happy Easter-time scent of white vinegar?)



We hope you are having fun preparing for your holiday festivities … and that next to the vinegar-y dyes, there might be a tastier bowl of eggs (perhaps of the chocolate variety!)



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