DIY: A Fresh and Tidy Kitchen Herb Garden


Even though Mother Nature forgot that it was springtime in some parts of Colorado on Mother’s Day (her own special day, for Pete’s sake), it really is time to put on your gardening gloves and smell the terra firma.

And, if you need a bit of inspiration, you might want to buy some of our fun new kitchen garden markers by Primitives By Kathy and start your own jardin des l’herbes. Or you might make one for a friend in Denver, with a card that says, “Happy springtime! I promise, it’s here.”



Each marker is made from a print of our original stitching, then decoupaged onto wooden signs attached to stakes. They are for inside gardens only, which makes them even handier, because you can clip your fresh herbs and add them to culinary masterpieces without even putting your shoes on to go outside.


Here are the super easy DIY instructions for making this aromatic garden for your kitchen counter or windowsill:

1) Find six pots in the garage. If they are too dull for the season, paint them a bright color. We chose kitchen-friendly white. You don’t even have to paint them perfectly. Loose brush strokes add to the character.

2) Place a few pebbles in the base of each pot (about 1 inch).

3) Add one herb plant to each pot. The herbs we stitched for the garden signs are: parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme … and basil and oregano, too.

4) We added pebbles on the surface, but you can also top with moss, or just fill in with dirt.

5) Add the fancy herb markers, water every now and then, and enjoy.


Now doesn’t that put a happy springtime look and scent into your kitchen? Plus, now you can be totally hip in the kitchen and start infusing everything from vinegar to vodka.

CathyHeckStudio_KitchenHerbGarden6 CathyHeckStudio_KitchenHerbGarden7



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