Celebrating Green … and other colors too!

Uh-oh. I hope you chose your outfit wisely today. If not, you are receiving a virtual pinch from me … right … about … NOW! Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all our Mej-prechauns near and far. The traditions surrounding this holiday are odd … corned beef and cabbage (hm?) … gallons of green beer (no thanks) … parades (I’ll jump on board) … festivals (see you there). But, by far, my favorite custom is that of adorning oneself in green, green, and more green. Here are some of our Mej Mej characters who love to paint the town in green … even when it’s not a day o’ green.

Celebrating color is something we love to do at Mej Mej. So, we are celebrating GREEN today on our site … AND all the colors of the rainbow too!  You can now shop by COLOR!

Whether you have a soft sweet room with light pink hues, or a vibrant space with nautical blues, our new color categorizing option is the place to go to start your style board. So, celebrate color with us today … and everyday! Now, I’m off to see a little man dressed in green about some lucky cabbage. Ta ta for now!


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