Our newest collection is magical!

If you know someone who might like to wake up among the unicorns, now she can! Introducing Enchanted, our most magical collection yet! With artwork created from original gouache illustrations, your walls will look as though they were hand-painted by a muralist. However, like the magic of a unicorn, your new fabric decals can move from room to room, without leaving a single bit of fairy dust!

Where did we find inspiration for our magical beasts? Well, besides interviewing the unicorn that lives in my backyard, I was definitely influenced by the Lady and the Unicorn tapestries. I love the way the tapestry weavers celebrated the millefleurs style … the unicorns are surrounded with hundreds of tiny flowers. And, although, our fun kits don’t include hundreds of flowers, they do include a garden full, so that you can fill your magic walls to your hearts content. You can even buy extra flora-only kits if you want to really mimic the millefleurs aesthetic! It was considered the “height of fashion and sophistication” in the fifteenth century … time for a comeback, don’t you think?

If you are as unicorn crazy as we are, well good news! You can add a bit of unicorn magic to your walls, beds … and bellies! This organic cotton One for Onezee will surely turn heads. And! … You can personalize it too.

Looking to make a BIG statement?! Combine multiple sets, like this Gray Unicorn and Enchanted Tree Kit, to make a seriously adorable impact in your child’s room.

And, if you want to add a personal touch, we have also included some fun new customizable options, like this Unicorn Growth Chart. It’s perfect for behind the door or as a focal point in your child’s room.

So there you have it! Unicorns! I hope you enjoy the newest collection. Have a wonderful First Friday. Now, bring on the magic and the sparkle. :)


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