The newest collection is WILD!

Discover the exotic flora and fauna of the Modern Jungle collection. It’s a magical place filled with tropical leaves and new jungle friends. Original watercolor illustrations add a touch of storybook wonder to any sweet space. 

Even though I grew up in the Texas hill country, I guess you could say I was infused with a jungle love from some happy childhood memories. When we were little, our Disney VHS tapes were saved for Saturday morning viewing, and Jungle Book and Tarzan were two of my favorites.

My older sister even choreographed a little dance to Tarzan’s Trashin’ the Camp that I performed in my school talent show (with some very clever grassy ankle and wrist accessories). Thanks Mom for rocking the DIY costume with raffia from head to toe.

Now that I’m grown up, I still have a love for exotic animals, and happily, so does my husband. Our dating years included many visits to the great zoo in close-by Norfolk. Here I am in pre-talent show attire circa 1999 and flash forward to an outing at the Norfolk Zoo, where we love watching the real monkeys!

One of my favorite characters from the newest collection is this friendly sloth. As he was emerging from my paint brush, I knew he was going to be a lifelong friend. He was also the first decal from this collection that I added to my studio wall. I’m not playing favorites … well yes I am! He’s just adorable. PS Like all of our fabric decals, the matte finish makes it look like all of the artwork is painted directly onto the wall. Plus, Mr. Sloth is removable and repositionable, so he can hang out on top of the shelf … or under the shelf! 

Even though each decal set works wonderfully alone, we designed them to coordinate with each other, as well. So, you can pair a couple of jungle buddies together like the zebra and jaguar, or fill an entire wall with an exotic scene from the Jungle Kit. For a playful, yet sophisticated aesthetic, feature on a large animal set on one wall, and fill an accent wall with the Leaves-Only Set. Mainly, we want you to have fun creating the wonderful scenery in which your little one can wake up and imagine and smile.

So there you have it! Our newest collection is available from the shop. And as always, please feel free to snap your nurseries and share, using #shopmejmej. We love seeing what you do with your decals! Have fun exploring our newest offering and happy Friday!




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