Dino time!

Classic Jurassic! Journey back 165 million years and find some new friends to add adventure to your child’s room. The prehistoric dinosaurs weren’t nearly as friendly as these wanderers! Now, your child will be able to dream of having a stegosaurus as a pet! And the best part … there is no “mess”-o-zoic here. :-)  When removed, the decals leave no adhesive residue because they are repositionable. So brighten up a future paleontologist’s room today with the new Dino Collection!

And if you would like to add a happy habitat to surround your new dinos, we have added a thriving landscape kit to this collection. It’s a perfect background for any of the dinosaurs and will really make a wall pop. So, if you are looking to add some mural vibes to your little one’s space, without committing to permanent paint, we’ve got you covered.

We have also added some more clouds to the shop! We KNOW you love clouds. So! We have added another stylish set.

This collection includes six very friendly dinosaurs! You can buy them as a full set of medium-sized dinos, or as larger individual kits. We had a blast naming them. This is Stanley. Isn’t he a sweetheart?!

So that’s a little bit of history about the newest dinosaur on the block. The Cretaceous cuteness is available now from the shop. And as always, please feel free to snap your nurseries and share, using #shopmejmej. We love seeing what you do with your decals! Have fun exploring our newest collection and happy First Friday!


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