Evergreen is here!

Our newest collection Evergreen is here! And, the scent of fresh pine and spruce is in the air! From original watercolor illustrations, you can create your own cozy, evergreen forest for your favorite little one.

These tall pines are home to some sweet feathered friends who have built some adorable little homes that are scattered about the forest floor. They are included in the forest kits and are also sold separately as their own little village. We think they look super cute when placed just above the baseboard.

You can choose from two different forest kits: the spruce and the pine. Each kit includes its own set of birds and houses. AND! They are available in two different sizes! So if you are looking for a BIG impact, the larger kit is perfect for you. It features trees that soar over 6 feet tall!

Looking to add a fun accent?  For a soft pop of color or a feature wall, the tree toss is your answer. Plus, they are perfect if you want to add a touch of seasonal decor.

If you think you are missing just one last thing in your child’s room to really pull it together, this might be it. Our bird house kit is great for above headboards, cribs, and dressers. I mean how cute is this?!

So there you have it! If you can’t wait to spruce up your child’s room with this cozy color palette, Evergreen is now available. Have fun exploring our newest collection and happy First Friday!


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