A new Storytime Set is here!

This First Friday, we are giving you the moon! Little Moon, to be exact. Our fourth Storytime Kit withC.R. Gibson is a celestial tale … AND it comes with a moon! (in the form of a glowing night light.) This story holds a special place in my heart, because our first grandchild’s first word was “amoon.” (not “moon,” but rather “amoon.”) And he pointed to the glowing orb in the sky all the time … probably because we kept repeating “amoon, amoon,” with adoration. We were certain he was on his way to becoming a rocket scientist at age 15 months! Grandparents are just like that.

When Jim and I were brainstorming for this lunar story, we decided it would be fun to introduce Little Moon to the constellations of the night sky. And since they change seasonally, Little Moon would be meeting lots of new friends. Our three girls will tell you that on the first day of school every year, my last words out the door were … “be sure to sit next to someone who looks lonely.” I usually said this because I knew that the person who was feeling scared with first-day jitters was the little person standing in front of me, and this might make her feel brave. So we love the idea of a book to help jump start the art of making friends.

When we put pencil to paper, we decided that every page would include a new stellar friend, that would appear seasonally, like Leo in the spring and Pisces in the fall … ending with the most dependable star friends, Big and Little Dippers, who appear all year long in the northern hemisphere. Lots of learning happening in this little board book!

We also wanted our story to give toddlers their first glimses into the big fascinating galaxy, and we hope our little story might give moms and dads everywhere the chance to look into the sparkling night sky with their curious little star gazers and begin learning about the constellations together. “Remember when Little Moon jumped for fun with Taurus the Bull? … Well there he is!”

And for making our Storytime Kit the perfect gift, Julianna added this cute packaging for a perfect baby shower present or toddler birthday gift. And if twins are expected, or a big sister or brother will be at the shower, you can pair Little Moon with our Little Cloud Storytime Kit! Nothing better than receiving the stars and the moon … and the clouds.

The words and pictures appeal to different ages in different ways. Some see a constellation twinkling in the sky, some see Ferdinand the Bull sniffing the star flowers. And for every age, the soft glowing night light is a perfect way to gently fall asleep. (Especially when one is already best friends with Little Moon!)

Happy First Friday. Storytime Kits just hit local gift and baby stores across the land. If you can’t find them in your favorite local shop, you can order one from our shop, Mej Mej.

And, we hope the springtime stars are beginning to show up in your part of the world, and that you are having a chance to go outside and gaze at the stars… and say … “Hi there Leo! Hope you’re having a very nice evening!”

Happy May from all of us at Mej Mej


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