Puzzle me this!

It’s already the First Friday of March! This month we have a super fun and extra cute release for you. Puzzles!! Stacking … counting … assembling … let the learning begin!

As many of you know, our new collection, Happy + Bright (a group of baby gifts we designed with the amazing team at Primitives by Kathy) is arriving in local gift shops across the USA! And, just in case you can’t find these new puzzles in your neck of the woods, we have added them to our online shop, as well! 

We recently held a photo session in our studio to see these new toys in action, and it was a truly magical experience. We loved the chance to see products which we had designed being enjoyed by our littlest end-customers. It was fascinating to watch little minds at work on these puzzles. Plus, the joy they had in their eyes when they completed the projects was priceless.

There are three different styles of puzzles. The stacking puzzles are perfect for future engineers who are learning their first numbers. There are four different stacking sets created from our WoodlandGalaxy, and Under The Sea collections!

We also offer traditional chunky puzzles with super satisfying inserts for the wooden pieces to snuggle into when they have found their proper home. This style includes two different versions: one from our Galaxy collection and the second from the Woodland group!

And finally, we have the cutest little nesting puzzle that is a not only a great toy but can also be displayed on a shelf! Décor and a toy all in one!

So there you have it. Our newest additions are up on the site and ready for you and the whole family to enjoy a little March madness! Happy First Friday!

Photos by Katherine O’Brien


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