“Twirl” takes a bow!

Do you have a little princess who seems to dance everywhere she goes? Does she believe that the tutu should be a daily accessory? If she does, then this month’s new collection will be her dream come true. Introducing TWIRL!

Twirl is the sister collection to our popular Away We Go group. Now, you can create your very own ballet in the nursery or the new big-girl room … or even a magical closet-to-stage redux.

Not only are we offering your favorite fabric wall decals (easy to position … and reposition) but we are including some perfect gifts for your special ballerinas. We have added some sparkle to the group with accessories from the Happy + Bright collection that we created with the great team at Primitives by Kathy. These include charms, ballet bags, frames, embroidered softies, a pillow, and some super cute socks (just in case you need to sleep in your ballet slippers)!

Here’s a little bit about the process for creating this pile o’ pink cuteness …. Jim and I are parents to three girls, which equals about 15 years of tutus and crowns and ballet buns and Dippity Do. And, Julianna (of the Mej Mej design team) is one of those three dancing sisters.

I think that you could say that the inspiration for this collection is buried deep within the twinkly soul of Julianna. Here is little Jules wearing a striking tulle and sequined ensemble  (a hand-me-down from her older tutu-loving sister). I love that she was already exhibiting her own personal style with her excellent choice of black socks and shiny shoes!)

So when it was time to respond to all of your Mej Mej requests for “BALLET please,” Julianna was ready to jump … or maybe it was a grand jeté ;-) into the fun project. The original artwork for this collection features a playful style filled with watercolor brushstrokes, which makes it look like it has been hand-painted on your walls by a stage-set designer. This collection includes three ballerinas named StellaChloe, and Penelope. You can purchase them separately, or you can order them in a sightly smaller size as a full Ballerina Kit!  And Jules added all kinds of fun accents for your dance studio scene including swans (of course) and flowers and stars and hearts … and a banner, too. You can choose from 3 different sentiments to set the tone for your own ballet story.

One of our favorite things about this collection is that you are able to … MAKE YOUR OWN BALLERINA! We have provided 3 complexion choices and 4 hair colors so you can mix and match the options until you find a combo that works perfectly for you! 

And, just in case you would like to add one special accent wall, or add a surprise touch to the walls of a closet, we have added this pretty peel-n-stick wallpaper to the mix. Because when it comes to pinkness for a pink lover, there can never be too much!

So, let the pointes and pirouettes begin! …. Whether your little dancer is wearing a twirly tutu or comfy pajamas, we hope you can find the perfect backdrop to make all of her sugarplum dreams come true. 

Happy dancing from the Mej Mej family!

And, thank you Katherine O’Brien @xokophoto for the precious photos of our graceful little ballerina.


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