A new collection just landed!

A new collection is here! These sweet birds are ready to sing a song in your little one’s room. Our pattern-filled feathered friends will add a modern elegance to any nursery or play room … or even a grown-up space! The color palette can work perfectly, whether you are creating a neutral and natural room, or a modern boho with pops of jewel tones. No matter which direction you are imagining, come fly along with us as we welcome our newest collection, Feather!

We knew we wanted to give our new bird buddies a place to land and rest their feathers, so, of course, we HAD to paint a tree! And it just kept growing and growing until it became a big one! The Feather Tree Kit includes a very tall tree … 7 feet, to be exact! The complete kit includes 3 bird houses and 7 of your feathered friends to place in the tree, or perched around the room. We think our little bird habitat is a perfect way to wake up inside your very own bedtime story.

This collection features 12 different birds from all across the land! We are confident you will recognize some, like the Blue Jay or the Robin, while others are from a bit farther away, like the Rainbow Bee-Eater which is indigenous to Australia! 

Are you curious about our inspiration for this collection? Well, we are so lucky to have studios that are in full view of the trees. And sometimes, while we are painting away at our desks, we spy a quick glimpse of color flying by our windows. And when we do, we stop everything and watch these little miracles of nature. Because, how could you not?! The photos above were taken right outside our windows! We shared a little story about the one on the right in a blog post. You can read more about him here.  

And then, voila! Here are the two kits which were inspired by the birds above. The Cardinal and the Yellow Warbler! The birds featured on the fabric decals are a little larger than their real-life counterparts because we wanted them to pop the second you enter the room!

And finally, we created some add-on kits, too! Have fun choosing from 5 different birdhouse add-ons that you can combine with any of the bird kits. We wanted you to be able to mix and match to create your own little aviary! 

We are so excited to see the ways that you style your new nests! Please tag us on Instagram, we would LOVE to feature your designs. Happy Friday!


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