The newest additions to the Sag Harbor collection are here! After many requests from YOU, we took a poll. Team Sharks vs Team Dolphins. And guess what? It was almost a tie. Sooo, we created kits celebrating both of these beloved sea creatures. Grab your water wings and lets dive in and explore the deep seas!

As a child, I was one of those kids that could NOT jump into a pool after seeing Jaws, so when so many of you requested a shark, I just couldn’t make a scary one, because my 8-year-old self just wouldn’t let me. But, not to worry, we think he’s a pretty sweet fella, while also sporting a cool dude vibe at the same time. 

And perfect timing because SHARK WEEK is literally next week on Discovery. Will you be tuning in?! We will!

We have also added some dolphins to the offerings! This sweet pair of jumping buddies is a great addition to any wall that needs a bit of nautical joy. And the decal kit includes LOTS of fish and waves so you will be able to style your own under-the-sea scene in so many ways. And, as in other kits from theSag Harbor collection, each new sea friend is painted with lively brushstrokes, bringing to mind the magical motion of the sea.

If you are looking for an alternative to wallpaper, we have the product for you! Our repeatable icon decals, or ‘Many Minis’ as we like to call them, are a great way to get the look of wallpaper, with your own wall color as the background. We like to tile them to make them look like wallpaper, but you can scatter them as you please. We are offering 3 color options of this fun Whale Toss, which is a mini-version of our very popular Westcott the Whale kit.

So there you have it, the newest additions to Sag Harbor are ready to swim onto your walls and rooms near and far! And this time, the ocean is coming to you … from the ocean. This is our first First Friday addition that will be shipping to you from our new Mej Mej making space in Virginia Beach, Virginia! Our Mej Mej family is so excited to finally be together in the same place with all of our own little fishies.

Happy First Friday! And happy Shark Week!


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