Pet House is here!

Pet House is here! … and eagerly waiting for you. (happy tail wag!) This new collection is a celebration of a child’s best friend, whether great or small, furry or feathered … or finned. Dogs? You bet. Cats? Obvs. Hamsters? Absolutely. Turtles? Y-e-e-e-s-s-s. So, for all pet-loving families, we introduce Pet House to warm your hearts … and your happy children’s spaces. (And, don’t forget your fur babies’ napping rooms, too!)

Julianna had so much fun bringing all kinds of beloved pet buddies to life with painterly watercolor textures, and loose, playful line work. It’s a  magical blend … modern design aesthetic meets unconditional love. 

And, we didn’t need to look very far for inspiration for this collection. We are a family of animal lovers, and wow, we have had some special friends come into our lives. We feel so lucky to know and to have known these good-hearted souls. We wanted this wall decal group to be as sweet, and goofy, and kind as our pets have been to us over the years.

We have created two color stories for this cuddly group. The first is a timeless neutral palette we call Latte (images below) which, as you can see above, pulls from the natural colors of our growing pet pack. 

Our second colorway, Spritz, (below) introduces some fun color combos that Julianna has been admiring during recent trips to see family in Denmark. The well-known white Scandinavian rooms are beginning to pop with color. And, we are particularly in love with the cobalt blue! Especially when it is mixed with a touch of chartreusey-ochre and dashes of red, dusty teal, and amethyst. You can place your pups on a statement wall and add a big cobalt pillow to the rocker and you’re ready for a photo shoot!

Through the years, we have also cared for several of the rarer house pets, including two hermit crabs, who unfortunately did not make the cut for wall decal fame. But we do feature birds, fish, turtles and hamsters as kits for toss patterns. We think they all work great when placed in a grid for a faux-wallpaper effect. How about those fishbowl decals behind that sassy, I mean sweet cat?!

However, if you favor felines or are inclined to choose canines, we created some sets just for you. And they are perfect to cheer up your desk area, or scatter on the wall next to the pet food bowl. Because, cats and dogs love a statement wall, too! 

I promise we offer a Cat Kit too, it’s just that our very own pup, Tivoli, was begging for a cameo! ;-)

So there you have it … Pet House! We hope you enjoy every little wiggle and waggle. We can’t wait to see the fun ways you bring all of these cute companions to life for your little humans. And thank you again for following our creative journey! 

Cathy and Julianna and Jim 


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