On Gardening in a Sauna:

Well, I’m back in California now after a lovely time in Texas. If anything wasn’t lovely, however, it was the weather…for which it seems that my years up north (and Cali counts, by the way, since I am wearing a polar fleece as I write this) have made me unprepared. With daytime temperatures topping 108° and the nighttime not doing much to reverse that, I am amazed that my mom’s garden has any green in it at all! Yet, it seems to be thriving. Perhaps she just made very wise choices when we went to The Great Outdoors – a labyrinthine nursery and garden shop on South Congress in Austin. The spot comes highly recommended by those of us at Cathy Heck Studio, although maybe it would be most lovely in September or October…


(Clockwise from top left: a stowaway studio mouse peeking out of a stack of glazed pots, Cathy selecting a succulent, some caladiums – happy to be in the shade)


These California plants don’t know just how good they have it…