Some West Coast Color

We were lucky enough to have several Austinites in the Bay Area this weekend, and there’s nothing better than travel to help open the eyes to the color of everyday life (especially in California). While giving a tour of Kala Art Institute, the swatch palettes on the walls and overpowering scent of linseed oil inspired us in a similar way as the Saturday Farmer’s Market’s abundance of produce: promising the possibility of artistic successes.

Here are some “swatches” – tiny segments from the weekend that reveal a little bit about our adventures:


Hidden here, you shall find some amazing hydrangeas as big as soccer balls, chocolate, blackberry picking, the Pacific Ocean, some prints, some packaged roasted turkey legs, a carousel, and a conversation. (I will leave a few things to talk about later…)

Below, inside the Kala workshop:


The lithography swatch chart, the rubber blades of the screen squeegees, some “drag-down’s”, and me (sorting woodcuts).

It’s always a blessing to be able to spend time with the family – and it was a good weekend, full of good food and full days…