Greetings from the Golden Gate: Britex Fabric Store


I BARTed into the city a few days ago to meet with some artists who are participating in the San Francisco Open Studios with me this month, and I arrived just early enough to make a quick stop by Britex Frabrics – a four-story color-coded Mecca for San Francisco’s textilephiles. The place was packed at 5pm, and the people were nearly as colorful as the bolts; I saw two blue goatees. How often can I say that? and I live in Berkeley



Here are a few saturated images for you: (from left clockwise) the shelved solids on the first floor of Britex, some silks on sale, a window display on Britex’s first floor (oh so Anthropologie), and of course, while it’s on the mind, the S.F. Anthropologie (I love the open, two-level plan).

Many thanks to Louisa Stegmann for making this a destination point! (We passed by together a few weeks ago when it was closed, and Louisa, with her costume-designer past, already knew of the wonders within.)

Britex, by the way, seems to be the place if you want to do something amazing with cloth: costumes, tailored suits, wedding dresses, etc… If you’re in the Bay Area and are leaning more towards the softy, quilty, homey experience I would recommend Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics…but that’s another post!


  1. Susan Lavery May 25, 2010

    I make 90 quilts a year for Child Abuse Prevention Center in Dallas. I am making 6 quilts that are darling and ran out of your fabric (bought all they had at Joann) of is yours. It is a purple with dots and circles. any chance you could send me about 1 1/4 yards? I really need it to finish these quilts. The name of my non-profit is Kiddo Comforts. Thank you for your help!

  2. Author
    Ellen Heck May 27, 2010

    Hi Susan,

    That sounds like a wonderful cause. Unfortunately, we do not sell the products upon which our designs are placed. However, you can often find them here:

    Good luck!

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