Ode to the Pumpkin

No matter how you cook it, or carve it, or smash it, October is the month of the great orange gourd. When huge cardboard crates appeared outside the Berkeley Bowl on the first of the month, I knew three things for sure: 1) that it was officially October 2) that the weather is about to be crisp and inspirational, and 3) that all craft stores and hobby shops and perhaps even my local grocery store will begin to smell very strongly of cinnamon potpourri.


Below are a few prints inspired by this great edible boulder: On the right, you’ll find a print work by Tetsuya Noda – one of my favorite Japanese artists living today and on the left, my homage to his later work, created back when I was in Chicago and particularly enamored with his aesthetic.

EllenHeck_Pumpkin2 Noda_Pumpkin3

Happy October! (and if you live in a location where leaves are falling, I am officially envious)


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