Something Lovely: Secret Street Panoramas

I suppose every place has its share of secret views – and by secret, I mean, not a place that’s known for it’s view – not a lookout. It’s the momentary surprise of the world spread out before you as you are driving along an otherwise normal street, or walking through a not-particularly-astonishing neighborhood. This is that view for me:


Every Saturday, as I am driving back from the Arlington Park public tennis courts, about a fifth of the way down Moeser Lane, this view from San Francisco to Sausalito opens up for about 5 seconds (though, I can make it longer if there are no cars behind me) and I am suddenly at peace.  There’s a place like this in Austin too – I think it’s on Bee Cave.

If you know of any secret street panoramas – or better, have one on camera – we’d love to add your contribution to this post. Just email us at


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