More Pumpkin Ponderings



We have pumpkins in Texas, too!  I even saw the pumpkins delivered to the Methodist church yard yesterday … and I knew that meant that it was really October.
Every year at this time, I love to fill this wonderful Luna Garcia bowl with seasonal gourds. The lumpy bumpy gourds work great against the soft smooth pottery.  Have you ever touched Luna Garcia pottery?  If you have a chance, do!  It really is so soft … I mean baby’s bottom soft. And, it’s a perfect texture to hold these so-ugly-they’re-pretty October wonders.


And, speaking of pumpkins, here is an illustration that I created for Woman’s Day magazine several years ago.

The article was about unusual ways of becoming engaged.  This particular young man thought a seasonal request would do the trick (so to speak) and now that I look at it again, I am wondering if they are still married?! In my opinion, the idea of beginning a long-lasting relationship on a trick-or-treat holiday is a little risky.


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