Inspiration in the Middle of the Day: Trevor Romain

Recently, I had a similar experience to my chapel visit days (see previous post).  I was invited to a luncheon in the middle of a busy work day, in which the Helping Hand Home was honoring several people in our community who had made a difference in the lives of children.  After the second honoree stood up and humbly accepted her award, I was already secretly dabbing tears away.  By the time the last one was honored, I was a blubbering mess.
Then, as if that wasn’t enough emotion right in the middle of the day, our guest speaker was Trevor Romain.  From South Africa, now calling Austin home, Trevor began by telling his own story of growing up with dyslexia and the path he took to becoming an illustrator.  He, then, told the story of meeting a severely injured child while he was serving in the military, which influenced his desire to help children.  He now combines his gifts and travels the world to perform and draw for children and help them deal with difficult life situations.  He told story after story of the children with whom he had worked who had cancer or who were surviving war-torn areas of the world without food, clothing and often without parents.  It was clear that these children have touched his heart and are his inspiration today.
Like my days zipping down to the girls’ school for a chapel service, I left the luncheon renewed and content.  It was inspiring to know that people, like Trevor and the caring recipients of the awards, are making an important difference every day.  And it’s nice to take a little time off in the middle of the day to remember what really matters.

CathyHeck_TrevorRomain The Trevor Romain Foundation has created the Comfort Crew™, which is a group of compassionate folks who support and comfort kids going through difficult times.  Trevor and his friend Coco, ambassador for the Comfort Crew™, and a most talented mouse-journalist, travel around the world listening to and working with children. Our little studio mouse, Millicent,  was eager to meet such a famous fellow mouse.  (Coco even has his own blog!)  Here is a photo of Milicent surprising Coco, in hopes of getting an autograph.
You can go to Trevor Romain’s website here.  There are some videos on the left of this page which tell his story much better than I can.

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  1. Mary November 25, 2009

    Stopping in to say hello. Happy T. Day!

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