Fresh, Local, and Out of Season


Berkeley is known – starting with the efforts of Alice Waters and Chez Panisse – for encouraging the consumption of food that is “fresh, local, and in-season” – and there’s nothing limiting about that when you live in a place where it sometimes appears that everything is in season all the time. Above, you see the progress of the little heirloom seedling that I adopted from a generous friend who had collected seeds from her favorite tomatoes and nurtured them. This little guy started way too late to fit into the normal summer tomato season, but here he is – spindly and green and ever so optimistic in the late-November sun.

Below on the right, the upside-down tomato plant of my upstairs neighbor, which hangs with its endless clusters of enormous beautiful green and turning tomatoes that I always daydream will drop from the vine perfectly into my hand as I am coming in from getting the mail, and which never do. And on the left, the jewel-like baby heirlooms that my sweet husband brought back from the Trader Joe’s when that first daydream didn’t come come to pass.


In the spirit of yesterday’s great holiday, I would like to mention that I am thankful both for this late-season abundance and for the sweet husband who brought them home.  Happy Day-After Thanksgiving!

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  1. Muv December 1, 2009

    Tomatoes are no joke to this girl! I remember having cherry tomatoes when she was VERY little, and Ellen ate them right off the vine, West Texas dust and all, until her baby mouth was sore from them, and still she wanted “just one more!”

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