Our Five Star Favorites: Cathy Loves Popcorn, Indiana


Almost every day at 4 o’clock, my internal snack clock says that it is time for an afternoon break.  I rise from the computer or drawing table and, almost like a zombie in a trance, I march out of the studio for my popcorn break.  Not just any ol’ popcorn, only this one: Movie Theatre Popcorn by Popcorn, Indiana.  This is my favorite popcorn in the whole wide world.  Even though it‘s not “freshly popped” in the microwave, it is crunchy, light and most importantly, buttery–but NOT the fake-buttery-taste. It tastes like it has been lightly tossed with real butter!  I usually compliment my crunchy snack with a cold fizzy Diet Dr. Pepper making the blend an excellent waker-upper.
You may be wondering why a picture of Neville, our pup, made it into this story.  Here’s why:  The minute I take the chip-clip off of the popcorn package, Neville, also like a zombie in a trance, arrives at my feet waiting for his two pieces of 4 o’clock popcorn.  (See photo below, of his 4 o’clock popcorn stare.)  Because I have agreed that we are not going to feed him people-food (to prevent early onset of begging) I pretend to accidentally drop one piece of my excellent popcorn on the floor.  He pretends that it surprisingly appears and gobbles it down.  Then,we repeat the accidental surprise once more.  We are both content and go back to work … I, to my studio, and he to his napping corner.


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  1. Fruitfulvine2 November 30, 2009

    Such a cute dog stare. Came over via SITS. Enjoy your snack today.

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