Something Lovely: The Starbucks Christmas Cup Is Out

CathyHeck_StarbuxChristmasCup1 Yesterday, when I stumbled into Starbucks and ordered my fancy coffee, out it came in the annual Christmas cup.  Yea!  That means Christmas is around the corner.  We LOVE Christmas around here!
However, we won’t talk about anything Christmas here in blogville until after Thanksgiving … no clever ornament ideas, no favorite Christmas recipes, no holiday decoratiing ideas, no Christmas give-aways,  no Christmas tradition sharing, fa la-la la-la la … oops, sorry ‘bout that–I slipped into a Christmas carol just thinking about it.
We will wait to go Christmas-crazy until the“official first day of the Christmas season,” which, we believe begins the minute Santa says his last “Ho Ho Ho, Meeerry Christmas,” at the end of the  Macy’s Day Parade.  I think we may have decided on that particular moment of officialness from watching Miracle on 34th Street too many times.
CathyHeck_StarbuxChristmasCup2 And, I just want you to know, that although I succumbed to enjoying my morning latte in a Christmas cup, I showed great restraint by not allowing myself to order the early-bird Egg Nog Latte they were offering at the same time.  You just have to draw the line somewhere!


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