The Hummingbird Whisperer

CathyHeck_Hummingbird1 We have a window in our living room which must become a magic mirror at a certain time of day, because, when we hear a certain kind of bump, we know that a bird, who thought he was flying into a clear blue sky has had a head-on collision.  Some of the birds will stay very still for a minute.  We think they are thinking, “Wow, that is NOT the sky.” Then, they will fly away to a nearby branch to recuperate or, sadly, for a few, it is the final flight, as they enter bird heaven.

Recently, when we heard a small bump on the glass, we ran to check and saw a tiny little hummingbird that I was certain had passed into the bird heaven realm.  I ran to get a ziploc to protect his remains from our new puppy’s curiosity.  However, when I returned, Margaret had perched the little fella on the window sill with its own little floral life support system and she was softly massaging his little neck.  I assured her that he had passed away and really she should come in and finish her homework.  She reluctantly came in, but made me promise that I would not ziploc him–she was still adamant that he would live with just a little time to gather his wits.  And, guess what?!  She was right.  About an hour later, he flapped his tiny wings and flew into the wild blue yonder.  I guess, sometimes, you just have to believe.



  1. Angelica Bays November 21, 2009

    Hurray for Margaret!

  2. ellen November 24, 2009

    what an amazing photo! and a happy ending. :)

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