Snail Day in Berkeley, CA


While all of you Austinites were having an early spring snow day, in Berkeley, we were saturated and spilling over with snails.

I don’t know why Andrius and I always decide to take long hikes only when it’s raining, but it has definitely become our M.O. Last weekend, we went down to Point Isabel dog park to check out the bay and imagine who all the different dogs would be if they were humans with occupations (lots of detectives, bouncers, and dowager socialites), but the trip ended up turning into a semi-scientific study of the hundreds of snails that had been chased up onto the asphalt and anise shrubs along the trail.  We documented four main phenotypes: plaid-shelled gooey yellow ones, green-shelled shy black ones, brown-shelled sticky brown ones, and one pink-shelled clear-bodied albino one.

These are pretty well-documented in the camera, but as I came to write this post, I decided that they were not cute enough for this, the cuddliest of blogs – so you will have to use your imagination.

If we had been really hard-core, we could have feasted on escargots…   maybe next time…

Here are some photos of the wet beginnings of spring on the Bay:


Me, hoping I don’t get tetanus from this beautiful, yet very rusty rock.


Something out of a Monet.


  1. Tracey February 28, 2010

    I never would have thought of tetanus! Those orange flowers in the foreground make me long for spring…it’s coming soon!

  2. ellen February 28, 2010

    I am going to start playing the dog occupation game. Excellent idea!

    I love the photos…they are beautiful.

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