Snow Day in Austin, TX

CathyHeck_SnowDay1 Yesterday, it actually snowed in Austin.  The weather newscasters had been predicting it, but we didn’t believe it one little bit.  And, then, right in the middle of the day, it felt as though someone began dumping giant pieces of tissue paper from the sky.  The snowflakes were gigantic.  They were more like snowpapers than snowflakes. Children who had never seen snow were making snow balls, snow men and snow angels.

It was magical.



My original plan for this week was to send you a hint of Spring.  Each year, one day in February, when I drive up our hill, there is my little Flowering Quince bush, suddenly in full bloom, all by himself (or herself) … no other flowers in sight.  I always have a tiny private smile, and think, “There you are, you first brave sign of spring.” I would have never guessed that I might be sending this “Spring is Coming” picture surrounded by ice crystals.  So, happy winter, happy spring!



  1. GMama February 25, 2010

    I love the picture of the flowers with the snow. And I am very impressed with the efforts of the photographer. xoxo–unohoo

  2. shari February 28, 2010

    Flowering Quince! I have always wondered what those lovely things were called.

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