Blueprint of a Bundle of Joy

In Lithuania, my husband’s grandparents have the most wonderful, weightless, incarnation-of-joy, farm dog in the entire world.  His name is Sharikas, and even though I am admittedly not a dog person, seeing him bouncing through the dried grass and herding hens that are bigger than he is breaks my heart from happiness.

However, he moves so fast that I can never seem to capture him with the camera; in photos, he is only ever a blur of gray smeared across the farm yard, and if I increase the shutter speed, he seems too still to be the same animal.  So, in an effort to share more of Sharik’s essence, I thought I’d try to introduce him to you the U.S. Patent way (I knew all that graphic design homework would come in handy some day…):


Perhaps it is impossible to patent joy because it has so many sides that no one could ever claim it completely.  Even so, I hope these six make you as happy as Sharikas makes me.


  1. Muv April 28, 2010

    Does he also do lap-sitting? What a precious dog!

  2. Muv April 30, 2010

    I especially like his little feets.

  3. MMC April 30, 2010

    That was a precious and clever presentation. Thank you. MMC

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