T-1 week to Surtex

CathyPreparingforSurtex In one week, we should be in New York, setting up our Surtex booth and celebrating the completion of a few months of preparation, form-filling, printing, pasting, cutting, mocking-up, folding, sealing, and fantasizing about sleeping.

We’re pretty excited about the booth.  We will be residing in the most beautifully-decorated 8’x10′ melamine cubicle available – booth #550, if you happen to find yourself in the Javitz Center next week.  We’re featuring 7 of our most requested collections, along with the introduction of Welcome Home Noah, which is debuting at the National Stationery Show right next door.  We will also be showing many projects that are currently in the works.

A fun twist to our booth will be a chance to win a full set of personalized nursery art from our new interactive site, for which I will include a link right here just in case you are suddenly in need of some adorable one-of-a-kind art for a cute baby you know.

And here is a link to our licensing website just in case you are suddenly needing to license some best-selling artwork.  Write us here if you would like to set up an appointment during the show.


Here is a photo from Surtex-work-week-#2, two weeks ago, when we were together in Austin.  See the calm and relaxed way in which we are making color decisions?  We still look that refreshed, right Mom?

The Austin studio is also working on a super cute snack-giveaway, which I think we’ll feature separately another day since it deserves its very own post…

We’ll see you in the Big Apple…

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  1. MMC May 24, 2010

    I loved the bit about the wisteria bush. MMC

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