DIY: Tea-Tin Planters

Here’s an easy DIY/recycling project for summer: tiny tea-tin planters.

If you are better with plants than I am, which you probably are, you will undoubtedly have a million choices of sweet baby flowers that would be beautiful in a matching tea container; but alas, I can only manage to grow one thing – cacti – so here’s a little tutorial on transplanting succulent cuttings.


#1 cut off desired plant piece above a bud

#2 put it somewhere dry and forget about it

#3 remember it, a few months later, and surprise! it will have grown some roots

#4 plant in the tea-tin in some quick-draining soil and forget about it again until next time it needs another trim

(You can probably see from the instructions why I am not a great gardener, but thanks to a friend of ours who is a card-carrying member of the Cactus and Succulent Society of America, this has been working out for me pretty well over the last few years.)

Below: Those little guys will plump up right away after you water them – I promise.  Here is a photo from the day of transplant.


And this is from a few weeks later:


And here’s a link to Harney & Sons, which not only makes lovely tins, but also sells nice tea.

Happy planting!


  1. ellen July 19, 2010

    You don’t even have to ignore them in a dry corner…you can break them off and stick them right in the dirt and they will root…amazingly satisfying!

    BUT, it has been so hot and dry here in Texas that the birds are pecking mine to pieces…for the water I guess. I have nothing left but stalks! At least the birds are happy and well hydrated. :)

  2. Author
    Ellen Heck July 19, 2010

    ooh – thanks Other Ellen! I can now reclaim the space in my closet where a pile of shriveling succuli have been growing their roots!

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