It’s that time of year again.


We reported on this summer phenomenon when everyone was visiting the California studio last summer, but here is a slice of the sweet reward from this year’s first big harvest.  Many thanks to my sweet husband who comes out of the bushes as if he has been in a blackberry war, while I delicately cull from the outskirts with my hanger and tupperware bowls.

CathyHeck_Bees Happy mid-July and full bright peak of summer!


  1. Muv July 15, 2010

    Oh, poor Andrius! Is he covered with BandAids?

  2. Louisa July 16, 2010

    Your sweet husband is no doubt reaping the sweet rewards! It looks delicious Ellen.

  3. Author
    Ellen Heck July 16, 2010

    Ha! You are both correct! Covered in thorn pokes and also eating pie… :)

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