Hello Friends

WE ARE BACK!  And we are so happy.  We missed you,  dear blog buddies.

You may have wondered why we were so bloginquent (my new word) over the last few weeks.  It was due to an emergency deadline … a wonderful, but close-to-impossible deadline. And, we are happy to report: we did it, thanks to a very supportive family and our great friends/clients.

You may wonder what in the world was more important than visiting with our blog pals … and here’s the thing … it’s a surprise!   We can tell you that we were creating three adorable baby collections that will be introduced in January at the Atlanta Gift Show.  And, we can give you a tiny sneak peek.  See below.

We’ll be sending you more updates when we receive our samples.  In the meantime, we have a few things to do … like go to the grocery store!

And, I believe Ellen has some yarns of potential to knit.

CathyHeckStudio_Surprises11 CathyHeckStudio_Surprises2


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