Our Five Star Favorites: Kitty by blabla

Kitty was a good-bye gift for Julianna after her last day of caring for some precious children this summer, before heading back to college.  We have all fallen in love with Kitty, and not just because she came from one cute 6-year-old.  Kitty is soft and holdable … you can just imagine a little toddler dragging her around by one of her apendages.  (And, actually, I can imagine Neville, our dog, doing the same thing, so we are keeping her out of his slobbery reach.)

If you need to find a perfect gift for a toddler (or a teen), you can find many more adorable knitted wonders from blabla, the company responsible for Kitty’s cuteness.  Their collection of puppets, dolls and more are knitted by Peruvian artisans.  All of their wonderful products are made from natural fibers grown in Peru, and we can vouch for the softness and the loving care of the craftsmanship.

And, apparently, Kitty is not just for little ones, because our college girl has asked that Kitty be sent in the next package.  So, tonight she will be on her way to Virginia to get a little taste of college life.  Study hard, Kitty.

CathyHeckStudio_Kitty21 CathyHeckStudio_Kitty3


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