Licensing Expo 2011: Baby Bot Goes to Vegas

Baby Bot loved Las Vegas … the lights, the sounds, the fun. In fact, as he passed through the aisles of slot machines, he felt uncannily at home … He wondered, “When I grow up, will I be a handsome slot machine, like these popular bots?” We told him that we had higher expectations for him, and that he should continue to do his homework.


We were in Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo, so that we could introduce Baby Bot and all of his bot buddies to companies in need of cuteness. We also met lots of other characters from the world of character licensing. There were so many … but, our favorite fella (I think he was a fella) was this charming Uglydoll who kept sauntering by our booth, dancing a particularly clever jig. We thought he was amazing, particularly since the humans inside the costumes cannot see out very well. Fortunately, all the characters at the Licensing Show are provided with an escort to hold their hands and walk them around so that they don’t accidentally take down an entire booth, get lost, or faint.

This year, we were lucky to have four manning the booth. Ellen and Cathy showed portfolios, while Jim talked to anyone with contract questions. This time, we took a different Hecklette sister, Margaret, to help, and, she was a trooper. One of Margaret’s main jobs was to retrieve items we forgot from our room, which was approximately a mile away, even though it was in the same hotel as the convention center. Some of her other jobs included: set-up and take-down of the booth, replenishing our press kits, and most importantly, checking out the Janet Jackson booth periodically to see if Janet would ever appear. (If Janet appeared, it must have been during one of Margaret’s mile walks, as we never saw her.) All in all, we couldn’t have accomplished it without our extra sister. Thank you Margaret! Here are some pics Ellen took of Margaret dancing with Baby Bot. This is what happens when two sisters are slap-happy during booth set-up … and really just want to go eat supper.

After all the taping, cutting, gluing and shipping, here is a photo of our booth the night before the show opened. (You can never really tell if it is day or night in Las Vegas, which adds to the confusing pretend world that it is.) All in all, we had a great show, and met lots of new friends, and can’t wait to introduce you to our Las Vegas neighbors in the next post.

Oh, and by the way, this time, what happened in Vegas did not stay in Vegas. Here is our boxed booth, which just arrived back in Austin. We have some unpacking to do!


  1. Ellen Heck July 1, 2011

    Happy memories!

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