Surtex Scrapbook 2011, Part 2: A Sweet Surface


Now that Surtex is but a floral-striped-polka-dotted dream, we are following up with the new companies that stopped by our booth.  Once again, we were inspired, energized, encouraged and exhausted (in a good way).

Surtex is  a dynamic market filled with artists and licensors exhibiting the newest art and design for companies who manufacture everything from paper to pillows, dinnerware to dog collars.  We described a little bit about art licensing here. This year, we learned of yet another surface that is just waiting to be adorned with pattern: SUGAR paper for cake decorating!  What a fascinating new blend of food and technology … just imagine making art that people can gobble down with a cold glass of milk!

Above is a mockup to demonstrate the way our collection, Bouquet Garden, would look embellishing a three-tier cake, which if chosen by me, would be a Chocolate Italian Cream cake from Upper Crust in Austin, Texas. Mixing art and cake … it just doesn’t get any better than that!


  1. Claire June 26, 2011

    Love this idea!!!

  2. Cathy June 26, 2011

    We do, too … just think of the delicious designs! :-)

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