Surtex Neighbors Part 2: Make New Friends, But Keep The Old


We had fun meeting our new British neighbors at Surtex this year, but it was also great to catch-up with old friends from 2010.  Fellow Austinite, Laurie Wisbrun was catty-cornered to our booth again this year, showing off her new Pooches and Pickups among other collections.  Here is a photo of Laurie (right) with her friend Alison, who was helping out.

(note: While Laurie’s pooches riding in pickup truck beds are adorable, she does mention in her blog that she would never let her own pooch ride around in the back without a seat belt.  I guess she’s using artistic <driver’s> license!  yuk yuk) We can’t wait to have some good Tex-Mex with Laurie when we’re both back in Austin and have recovered from the Surtex whirlwind!

More friendly faces from last year were the Cosmo Cricket bunch – Julie and Eric Comstock, and their best friend/partner Lindsay Moore.  Last year, they were Cosmo Cricket (and still are in the scrapbooking world) but this year at Surtex, they are The Comstocks – which makes them sound even more like the superheroes they actually are.

This talented trio has some great new art to show off – I for one love the little mermaids in the “Salt Air” collection (now featured on their blog), and their new fabric group for Moda, “Circa 1934,” is sure to be a hit.  Cathy loved the way their 3D mockups have reflections under them, as if they’re sitting on shiny white tables.  We are already so excited to be next-door-neighbors with The Comstocks at Licensing show in a few short weeks!

Another busy family team and next-door neighbors from last year were Sandy Gervais and her daughter Abby.  Sandy makes quilt patterns through her own company, Pieces From My Heart and also designs fabric for Moda.  This year, the Gervais family had quite a busy end-of-May considering that Sandy had a booth at both Quilt Market (May 13-15) AND Surtex (May 15-17).  We hope you were able to have a relaxing family weekend after that, Sandy and Abby!

Last but not least, here is a photo of Cathy with long-time friend and artist, Ronnie Walter of My Friend Ronnie and Two Town Studios.  Cathy and Ronnie met at the Stationery Show over twenty years ago! (They must have been ten years old!) Ronnie and her husband, Jim, were representing Ronnie’s great group of artists at Surtex this year and will also be our neighbors at the Licensing Show next week.  We can’t wait!


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