Greetings from Lake Shasta!

Teal water, orange sand, and purple-trunked trees kept us company last weekend at Lake Shasta, just a three-hour drive north of Cathy Heck Studio West.  We left early to beat the traffic and made it to Shasta Dam by lunchtime on a clear 80 degree day for some impromptu Jack Links jerky and ginger ale.  Then, staking a claim at a nearby campsite, Fishing for Dummies in hand, we spent the day casting and re-casting every neon worm and 1980s-looking earring-like object in the all-inclusive bass fishing tackle box that came with my husband’s birthday fishing pole.  It is possible that more weight in nightcrawlers entered the lake than exited in fish form, but it was still fun, and relaxing, and out of the ordinary.


Here’s a sketch of the left-side of our site, unfortunately executed with only the brushes that could fit inside the mouth of a soda can, since I forgot to bring a container for water.  All the new luxuriously-wide wash brushes were feeling parched and neglected…


  1. crimit classifieds July 14, 2011

    great post!

  2. muv July 14, 2011

    Love it!

  3. MMC August 23, 2011

    I am surprised you were able to work in your studio while the film crew was all over your home. You are so amazing.


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