Emma’s Pinwheel Quilt


In only a few more weeks, Emma yardage by Newcastle is scheduled to arrive at independent quilt shops!  Here’s a perky pinwheel quilt made from some early strike-offs for inspiration.  The hand-quilting was so much fun, and a great way to be semi-productive while catching up on the Lying Game


And below, here is the quilt in its entirety.  It’s pretty large (70″ x 90″), but being approximately 70″ myself, I like to be able to do the under-toe flip, which this puppy can definitely accommodate.  If you’d like to download a free template for the 18″ pinwheel squares, then this is for you. EmmaStrikeoffsQuilt3


  1. Cathy Heck August 31, 2011

    Wow! I know you didn’t learn how to do this from your mother! :-) Hope it keeps you toasty warm in the balmy Bay Area!

  2. muv August 31, 2011


  3. Author
    Ellen Heck August 31, 2011

    August quilting definitely makes more sense in the Bay Area than in Texas right now!

  4. muv September 29, 2011

    These would look really good on my pale green linen shirt!

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