Other People’s Precious Children

As part of the research and design process for another exciting iteration of the Emma Collection, I have found myself panning the internet for glimpses into the lives of all the little Emmas being born and loved and dressed in pink all over the country.  As you might imagine, surfing baby blogs can be an emotional roller coaster – for every bright-eyed cake-faced first-birthday photo out there, there is also the child who needs a new heart.  There are the detailed often faith-based chronicles of adoption that can manage to be extremely sad or happy, and often both at the same time.  On the other hand, if you need a laugh, you can find that too; I recommend Emerson’s response to his mom blowing her nose, or Beckett’s first foray into the world of pop-rocks.

I wanted to share this recent jewel of a find with you – the highlight of yesterday’s search from a blog called, click it up a notch.  The big-sister/little-sister dynamic here is so fantastic, it makes me want to call my little sister:


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