Empty Nesting For Beginners

Lately, when I run into friends, they ask me (with a bit of caution), “So, how is the empty nesting going?” I thought my answer would be, “It’s so very sad. I sob every time I hear Miley Cirus singing Butterfly Fly Away.” I had imagined that our lives without our precious children all around might look something like this:


Since we began our new empty nesting phase, these are the new sentences we have actually found popping into our conversations:

“Let’s go grab dinner.”
“On a Monday?”
“Let’s go to a movie.”
“Let’s call it a night.”
“But, it’s only 10.”
So, it actually looks more like this around our empty nest:

Earlier this week, our last little gal, who is now in college, (the one who made the nest officially empty) sent us a link to this video in an email that read, “Here are you and Dad as empty nesters.” Well, most of you have probably seen this video, as I read that it has been viewed by 7.3 million viewers, so far. But I just have to share it again, because this adorable couple will bring a smile to your day. If this is where empty nesting takes you, then we are very excited to be on our way!


  1. Shari September 21, 2011

    Can you get an award for this posting? Very dear.

  2. Author
    Cathy Heck September 21, 2011

    You are the dear one. Hug on your last little bird … although, as you can see, we are finding that there are some silver linings to the empty nest cloud!

  3. Ellen September 21, 2011

    :) Love this! I think you should do a series – “the empty nesters”…

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