Cute as a button!


Here’s another quick and fun little project for all of the tiny scraps of Emma quilting cotton that will be left over after you finish the pinwheel quilt.  Don’t they look a little bit like coated almonds, or maybe Easter m&ms?  I’m a candy hound, so anything that even resembles candy is on my yes list.  The Lily Blossom print in particular was really useful in this project because each flower’s interior is different and makes a different button.

Quick caveat: if you ever plan on making more than about ten covered buttons, I would recommend getting the kind that pop in by means of a little rubber cylinder.  You can find them here.  Unfortunately, my first ten buttons were made with the press-the-fabric-into-the-metal-teeth-that-bite-your-thumbs style.  But of course, if you experience those first and then upgrade to the pop-in kind, you will be extra pleased – like I was!


Now, if only I could wash these things in laundry detergent that smelled like chocolate…or marshmallows…or sugar…


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